Mobile Apps

Mobile applications.

We can provide mobile applications for all devices and platforms (iOS, Android and others). These can be provided as entirely separate applications or integrated with your website to further enhance its effectiveness.

Popularity of apps.

Mobile devices (e.g. phones) are used far more than any other device ensuring your brand is always readily available to your customers. Mobile users typically spend 86% of their time on mobile applications and a well designed screen icon becomes a valuable, constant and subliminal reminder of both your brand and offer.

Their advantages.

Mobile applications can utilise device features such as GPS, Camera, Contact List and Notifications to enhance the user experience. They can even provide offline usability when there is a poor network connection and automatically update the server once a connection is re-established.

Mobile App Icon

Bespoke built mobile apps.

We build all modern types of mobile applications: Native, Hybrid or PWA using whichever technology is most appropriate for your business requirements.

You will be directly involved at every step of the development process with regular reviews as the mobile application takes shape, thereby ensuring it completely fits your business needs.

In most cases we will use 'cross-platform' development techniques so that your application is effectively developed for all popular devices and platforms (iOS, Android and others) simultaneously.

Mobile EPoS application to be utilised in the retail sector.

Produced for a large retailer our EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) mobile application can run completely standalone or act as a mobile front-end to an existing store based EPoS installation. It clearly demonstrates the power of modern mobile applications as it can accommodate many thousands of products on the device.

When used standalone it is ideal for outdoor Festivals, Fetes, Concerts and the like.

In large retailers it can front-end their existing store based EPoS and is often used for selling Christmas Trees, Flowers and other such items in their car parks.

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